#Kitchen Tips - Stack up and Declutter your kitchen
So I guess we all agree we spend way more time in the kitchen than we used to a few weeks back...
That's great, we have time to try new things, like cooking those funny grains we forgot we had in our pantry (with our Multicook and grains, head to our shop it's on sale now!), or trying (yes, we can only say "trying" for now) to cook with our kids and teach them a few skills that might come up handy in the future!
But what we are also realizing is, gosh, how many cookware and kitchen utensils we have been stacking up over the years...it's overflowing, messy...and well, depressing. 
In the period of confinement, more than ever, we know how our mood can be triggered by those small, little annoying things...when the drawer can't close because a pan is stuck in the back, or when you can't find space in your washing machine for more than two pots...yes, we understand...we've been there.
But fear no more dear friends...we have the solution to your sanity in that confinement period, and it's called Ingenio (simply because it's soooo...ingenious).
Ingenio is so smart...no wonder we've sold millions of units over the world in the last decades...
It's great cookware, robust, non stick and elegant as we know how to do at Tefal, but with a removable handle!
Now you say, yeah, why not...not really for me, I'm not really into camping and outdoors...
Well ok, it's great for little spaces like a camper van, but it's above all simply awesome for everyone who has a kitchen.... i.e. virtually everyone!
It's awesome for 2 reasons:
-when storing them, no handle means you can stack them up nice and neat....depending on the depth you could easily pile up to 10 pots and pans where you would normally have just one... Crazy smart!
-when using Ingenio, you can virtually only use one pan for : cooking, baking (yey, no handle = oven safe), serving (just like a serving tray), or freezing (will fit nicely in your fridge, no need to transfer your meal unit a Tupperware, just put one of the plastic lid and off you go!)
And there are also plenty of other reasons why it's the best cookware ever (not to mention it's made in our factories in Rumilly, France), like for ex the fact the handle is so safe and robust it can carry up to 10kg (yeah, almost 10 kg of food!), or just the fact that you can cook a giant cookie with Ingenio...best recipe ever to try out with your kids!!
And you know what, even Jamie is now a fan of Ingenio!
Watch out what he says about Ingenio 
Want to learn even more on Ingenio?
Heat out to our Ingenio page.
Want to buy Ingenio, have a look here.
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