Tefal Expert Precision IT9500 Upright Garment Steamer

  • $299.95
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Delivering a high level of performance with the total comfort of one-handed steaming, Tefal Expert Precision produces dependable results on any fabric in no time. This easy-to-use garment steamer features the unique vertical support system, which creates more comfortable steaming by providing a one-handed set-up with outstanding results. Ready to go in only 45 seconds, a continuous steam output of 35 g/minute smoothes out wrinkles quickly and efficiently, while the precision shot delivers spot-on precision on demand by letting you choose between concentrated or diffused steam. Performance is matched by convenience, as a wide variety of features designed to improve the steaming experience comes together with great results and total comfort in one easy-to-use garment steamer package.

• Easy-to-use garment steamer with a unique vertical support system for one-handed steaming in total comfort
• Large metal head with a continuous steam output of 35 g/min for great steaming results on any fabric
• Precision shot provides spot-on precision on demand by letting you choose between concentrated or diffused steam
• Convenient integrated storage system for both the vertical support and steaming accessories
• An XXL 3.2 L removable water tank for greater freedom and ease-of-use
• Double pole system for improved stability, letting you steam with total security and ease-of-mind
• Professional design featuring robust poles and hanger, a metal head, and large easy-moving wheels
• Full convenience and time-saving benefits with no ironing board and a quick 45-second start-up time
• Smoothes wrinkles from any fabric without burning or tearing, and safer than dry cleaning with no additives
• Accessories include: fabric brush, steam bonnet, and crease attachment